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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Weighted Blanket From Calming Blankets!

This year has been so stressful for most of us. With the extra time we spend at home, we need to look for new ways to relax. Weighted blankets can help you destress and sleep better every night. With a weighted blanket, you will wake up more energized and in a better mood. 

To enjoy all the useful aspects of weighted blankets, you should buy them from a reliable supplier. With Calming Blankets, you can rest assured you will be getting the quality weighted blankets you are looking for. We created our weighted blankets using our previous frustrating experiences with poorly made blankets in the market today. 

Here is why you should get all your weighted blankets from us:

Glass Beads

Most weighted blankets in the market use plastic poly pellets to create heaviness. We, on the other hand, use glass beads. Doing that makes our weighted blankets heavier, but not bulky. Compared to plastic pellets, glass beads are smaller and heavier. They are like grains of sand. As a result, they will take up less space in the weighted blankets, leaving them thinner. Glass beads are also more environmentally friendly than plastic pellets.

Even Weight Distribution

For weighted blankets to work effectively, their pressure on the body must be evenly distributed. It feels like a whole-body massage. In whatever position, weighted blankets will conform to your body.  So, your muscles and nerves get a constant and consistent touch. All this will not be achieved without even weight distribution. On the other hand, touching or holding blankets with uneven weight distribution is extremely uncomfortable. 

Soft Fabric

At Calming Blankets, your comfort is our priority. We do not just care what is inside our weighted blankets. We also pay detailed attention to how our weighted blankets will feel on the outside. That is why all our weighted blanket are made of ultra-soft fabrics. You can choose between minky fabrics, bamboo, hand-woven and silver ion.

Weight Options

When it comes to weighted blankets, there is no one size of weight that suits all. Everybody is different, and every client has unique needs. To meet all these requirements, we provide variety in the weights and dimensions of our weighted blankets. You can choose between four different weights to get the amount of pressure you are most comfortable with. Our weighted blankets come in 2.2kg (5lbs), 4.5kg (10lbs), 6.8kg (15lbs) and 9kg (20lbs). 

Fast and Free Shipping Across Australia

We provide free shipping of all our weighted blankets across Australia. Your weighted blankets shall arrive within two to eight business days after the order is dispatched. For New Zealand, we offer express shipping. It costs $39 and arrives within two to five business days after the order is shipped.

Get the most popular weighted blankets in Australia. Make an order now!

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