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Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot for the Summer? They Don’t Have To Be!

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not sleeping under a weighted blanket gets too hot, especially during the summer months. Understandably, once you invest in a sleeping aid like this (one that actually works), you want to ensure that you can use it all year round.

Just imagine having to forgo good sleep it took you years to find just because warmer months are rolling in? Worst yet, imagine knowing that it will be at least three months until you can comfortably snuggle under your Calming Blanket again? Ironically, that’s a pretty chilling thought, right?

So, is there anything to the myth that weighted blankets are too hot for the summer? And, if there is, is there anything that we (and you) can do to mitigate that?

At Calming Blanket, we spent months engineering a perfect weighted blanket that doesn't overheat. We looked at every single element - from the filling to the cover - and tweaked them for perfect comfort. 

UPDATE: You can now order our Bamboo Weighted Blanket! Made from breathable bamboo lyocell fiber, this blanket was designed to be used all-year-round. It stays comfortably warm during winter months, but the specific properties of bamboo rayon it was made from keep it cool to the touch even during the hottest summer months!

The Calming Blanket - THE Weighted Blanket for Hot Sleepers

cotton covers for weighted blanket - summer option. grey cotton sheet on a white background

The answer to this question depends on what type of blanket you’re using - the filling, what’s weighing it down, and the actual fabrics used for the inner blanket and the cover. At Calming Blanket, we looked long and hard at creating a weighted blanket that will be usable throughout the year. While we had to make some compromises in this area to ensure that the blanket is 100% effective, we’re happy to say that we’ve come up with a design that’s also comfortable and can be used in those hot summer months.

Here are the steps we’ve taken to make sure that our weighted blanket that’s not too hot, ever:

Creating a Custom Cotton Cover

One of the most important things that we did in an effort to tailor our weighted blanket for hot weather is making sure that you have a breathable cover option for when you need it. The minky cover that’s included in the price of the Calming Blanket is amazingly cozy, soft and warm but, let’s face it, it’s not ideal for the summer.

Using Glass Microbeads for Weight

There’s a ton of materials out there that can be used for weighing down a blanket, but none that are as effective (and as cool) as poly pellets and glass microbeads. Between the two, poly pellets seem to be a bit more ‘breathable’ and to retain less body heat. However, the reason why we don’t use pellets with the Calming Blanket is two-fold - they are noisy, and you need an awful lot of them to get the weight that we wanted our blankets to have.

On the other hand, glass microbeads, while slightly warmer, have the benefit of being incredibly quiet, even if you turn and toss in your bed a lot during the night. Also, in terms of volume, a lot less of them is needed to get the desired weight. Despite the fact that it uses these microbeads, the Calming Blanket is actually less hot than it would be if it used poly pellets. That’s because the sheer amount of poly pellets needed to achieve the same weight would contribute significantly to trapping the heat, making it very hot. Like this, we get the weight that we want (and you need), and keep our weighted blanket cooler than others with similar weight.

Rethinking Inner Blanket Material & Filling

The Calming Blanket is manufactured from specially-made polyester fibers. These fibers are high-quality and extremely breathable, similar to all-natural cotton fibers. We wanted to avoid making the inner blanket from cotton because of a variety of reasons, most important ones being cotton’s questionable durability and the propensity to shrink in the wash. As it is right now, you can pop your Calming Blanket in the washing machine without giving it a second thought.

Another way that we’ve ensured that our weighted blanket isn’t too hot for the summer is the way we’ve approached the batting. Of course, we know that batting (filling inside the inner blanket) is important for comfort and softness. Still, there’s no denying that it contributes to the warmth. We sidestepped this problem by using thinly sliced and highly porous poly batting that, nonetheless, provides the comfort that every sleeper requires.

5 Tips To Help You Stay Cool Under Your Weighted Blanket

a flat lay of ladies clothing with a weighted blanket

As you can see, we went to great lengths to create a weighted blanket that can be used in every weather. However, there are also things that you can do in order to avoid sweating under it once the summer comes. Here’s what we do to stay comfortably cool, even if it’s 25 degrees out!

  • Take a shower before you turn in - and no, you don’t have to shower in freezing water for it to have an effect. It’s important to know that the heat under the blanket is mostly body heat that gets trapped. Showering in lukewarm water before sleeping will decrease your body temperature, which means that you will stay cooler during the night.

  • Air-condition your bedroom - we’re not huge fans of sleeping in a freezing cold bedroom, running your AC throughout the night. However, you can chill it for an hour before going to bed to reduce the ambient temperature and the temperature of the walls.

  • Turn off electrical appliances and open a window - we certainly don’t have to remind you to turn off heating during the summer. But, do you think about other electrical appliances in your bedroom - your air humidifier, TV, and things like that? They all contribute to the rise of temperature so unplugging them might be a good idea.

  • Wear breathable clothing - if you opt for nightwear during the summer, we recommend pajamas and nightgowns made from breathable fabrics, pure, high-quality cotton being the best choice. If you’re still too hot when sleeping under a weighted blanket, we recommend sleeping in your underwear (or even naked).

  • Change the cover of the blanket - most blankets come with minky or plush covers when bought. That’s why you should look into getting a cotton cover for those warm summer months. As we’ve already mentioned, right now you can get one for the Calming Blanket for free when ordering from our website.

Cool, Comfortable & Effective - The Calming Blanket

Cool weighted blanket for summer

While it’s true that some weighted blankets can be too hot for those warm months, we went to great lengths to make sure that the Calming Blanket has a constant cooling factor to it. If it’s REALLY hot outside, it might be a bit too much - it’s still a blanket, after all. If that happens and you still want to use your blanket, make sure to try some of our tips for staying cool in bed - they generally make a lot of difference. If all else fails, try our specially designed Bamboo Weighted Blanket - a blanket that was engineered to be used during the summer so you don't have to give up the calming effects of weighted therapy for even one night!

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