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Can a Weighted Blanket Ease My Stress?

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from stress and anxiety, especially during the past year. Getting a good night sleep has become a dream for many. That is one of the reasons why weighted blanket demand has been increasing rapidly.

Many studies and user reviews suggest that a weighted blanket will help you relax and destress. So, how accurate are these statements? Can a weighted blanket really ease your stress?

How a Weighted Blanket Works

Just as the name suggests, a weighted blanket is like a regular cover only heavier. The extra weight will ground your body and gently push it downwards as you sleep. This grounding process has a profoundly calming effect on your body and mind. It is called deep pressure touch (DPT). This is the same technique used in massages.

DPT help improve the mood and promotes relaxation. That is how a weighted blanket will help you fall asleep faster. Many people compare the firm pressure of sleeping under a weighted blanket to getting hugged.

The Science Behind Stress Relief

Saying a weighted blanket will help ease your stress is not just wishful thinking. There is a science behind how a weighted blanket works. The deep, evenly distributed pressure of a weighted blanket help reduce cortisol levels in the body.

Cortisol is a stress hormone. It makes your brain think you are under attack. Elevated cortisol levels in the body can cause anxiety, insomnia and depression.

In addition, sleeping under a weighted blanket will also increase the serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is a hormone responsible for lowering blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. By increasing your serotonin levels, the weighted blanket will help you feel more relaxed. It will also help regulate your mood.

Choosing the Perfect Weighted Blanket

For your weighted blanket to help you destress, you need to choose it correctly. If the weighted blanket is too heavy or too light, you will not benefit fully from it. To choose a suitable weighted blanket, you can use your weight as a guide.

In general, a weighted blanket should be around ten percent of your body weight. You can go a bit heavier or lighter, according to your personal preferences. To increase your comfort level, try to choose a weighted blanket made from a soft, breathable fabric.

At Calming Blankets, we designed each of our weighted blankets with stressed people in mind. To create the best-weighted blanket, we focused on three main aspects: the weight, the distribution and the fabric. That is why, our weighted blankets are all made with unique, non-toxic glass beads. The weight will be evenly distributed over your body for optimal relaxation effect. We also use premium, soft, breathable fabrics to maximize your comfort level.

Our blankets come in various weights to suit all preferences. You can choose from weight options between 2.2kg (5lbs) and 9kg (20lbs).


Make your life stress-free with one of our weighted blankets. Visit our website today!

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