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Here’s How a Weighted Blanket Can Help Your Child Destress and Fall Asleep Easier

I love my son and would do anything for him, but lately… it has become unbearable.

Every night in our house turns into a nightmare. 

Imagine this as your typical night:

Breakdowns, crying, confusion, waking up every couple of hours, and not being able to fall asleep for the next 45 minutes…

Basically, chaos.

My son has had trouble falling asleep for some time now. And it just keeps getting worse. 

Now, I would never ever blame my son for that because apparently thousands of children across Australia experience the same when it’s time to go to bed.

And if they’re like my son who, on top of that, suffers from separation anxiety, it seems impossible to get just one night without all the fuss.


Life-changing advice

Recently, his teacher, aware of him being worn out in preschool, asked me if we’ve tried deep-pressure therapy. 

It was the first time I’ve heard about anything similar and was skeptical, to be honest.

What she actually meant by that was have we tried using a weighted blanket. 

‘How could a blanket help my son? He already has one’...was my first thought.

However, since I would do anything for my son, I’ve ordered the Calming weighted blanket for kids for which I read it was the top-rated calming blanket in Australia.

Before ordering, I compared it to some other blankets I ran into while doing my research and most of the others were either more expensive or had little to no reviews, which I didn’t like.

This one had hundreds of genuine positive reviews on their website and I was left fascinated by how it helped parents and children with similar problems.

I really hoped the blanket would miraculously work for my son, too…

It arrived two weeks ago (they were out of stock because they sell out quickly, so I had to wait for it to be restocked) and, let me tell you, those two weeks have been the most peaceful nights ever in our house. 


How it works?

The extra weight provides the so-called proprioceptive input which helps to:

  1. relax and destress 
  2. fall asleep faster
  3. stay asleep throughout the night.

Basically, my son doesn’t struggle with falling asleep anymore. He doesn’t wake up during the night, and, on top of that, he doesn’t even toss and turn during the night!

The deep pressure touch you get when covered with the blanket feels like getting a hug and it’s so beneficial for children with problems similar to my son’s.

And it even helps during the day! 

My son calls it his ‘special’ blanket and wraps in it during the day while relaxing. It cools him down and helps to relax after preschool.

The blanket is:

  • therapeutic - so it helps with sleeping, anxiety, and restlessness 
  • hypoallergenic - it’s safe for those who might have allergies 
  • made of premium minky, soft material - makes it great for snuggling
  • filled with super silent glass microbeads - won’t wake up your child (some weighted blankets produce quite the noise) 
  • adjustable -  you can choose the weight to fit your child

They also come in adult sizes and feature different weights, so I’m definitely ordering myself one soon.

If your child has trouble falling asleep, is restless, or deals with any type of anxiety, I couldn’t think of a better, yet so simple solution that could, believe me, completely change your lives for better.

To get yours before they run out of stock again, click here and use the discount for $110 off today: 

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