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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket

For years, weighted blankets have been used as a therapeutic tool for children with autism or other sensory processing disorders. It is only lately that the masses rediscovered weighted blanket other benefits. That is why weighted blanket popularity has been surging over the past couple of years.

A weighted blanket offers potential benefits for everybody. Here are some of the many benefits a weighted blanket can provide you with:

1. Improves Sleep Quality

Getting the rest your body and mind need, is not just depending on your sleep hours. It is the quality of sleep that matters most. You do not have to be suffering from insomnia to benefit from a weighted blanket. Even if you do not have a problem falling asleep, a weighted blanket will help you get the restful, deep sleep you need. The extra weight of the blanket stimulates the production of melatonin in the body. This hormone promotes sleep. It also helps in regulating your sleep cycle.

2. Eases Stress and Anxiety

Sleeping under a weighted blanket helps to calm the nervous system of your body. That is how a weighted blanket will help lower your anxiety and stress levels. The soothing, gentle pressure of a weighted blanket prompts serotonin and dopamine in the body. These feel-good hormones will make you feel calmer and more relaxed. It is the same feeling you have after getting a firm massage.

3. Provides a Sense of Security

The cocooning effect of a weighted blanket will make you feel more secure. That is why people compare sleeping under a weighted blanket to getting a hug. Young children and babies are not the only ones who need a tight hug to feel better. Adults also find hugs soothing. Therefore, many adults find it easier to fall asleep under a weighted blanket.

4. Boosts Mood

It is normal to feel down now and then. However, you do not have to feel that way for long. A weighted blanket will help you get in a better mood. The deep touch pressure of a weighted blanket boosts the production of serotonin in the body. High levels of serotonin will help elevate your mood.

5. Eases Pain

The extra weight of your blanket helps in easing the pain in cases such as restless leg syndrome. Some people found that the pressure of a weighted blanket against their legs made them feel better. They said a weighted blanket works similar to wearing compression socks. However, the pressure of the weighted blanket was not uncomfortable, like sleeping in these tight socks.

At Calming Blankets, all our weighted blankets were designed to help people with stress and troubled sleep. That is why we use unique, non-toxic glass beads as filling. This ensures the even distribution of weight over your body for optimal mental and physical well-being. We also use the softest, most durable fabrics.


Enjoy all these benefits and much more with one of our weighted blankets.

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