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Do Weighted Blankets Really Work? Here’s What Science (& Users) Tell Us

woman covered with weighted blanket - do weighted blankets work?
As she got up for the 4th time that night (at 3AM this time around), Sarah wondered when she became “that person” - someone who doesn’t sleep well...

Weighted Blankets & Insomnia - Can The Calming Blanket Solve Your Sleep Problems?

Weighted Blankets & Insomnia - Can The Calming Blanket Solve Your Sleep Problems?
There are a lot of people out there who are struggling sleep issues day in and day out, and a good number of them are turning to weighted blankets to deal with that pervasive insomnia and loss of sleep. Learn how a weighted blanket can help you power up your sleep!

Sensory Weighted Toys - Great Self-Soothing Tools for Sensory-Seeking Behaviours

weighted toy for sensory behaviour, kevin the calming koala, resting on a bed
Weighted autism toys, also often referred to as sensory toys, can come in many shapes and sizes. Usually, they are weighted stuffed animals that are heavier than what you can normally buy in a toy store. What are these and why are they effective? Let’s find out.

Bamboo Weighted Blanket - A Cooling Calming Blanket For Every Season

grey bamboo weighted blanket

Want a weighted blanket that stays cool even in the summer? Environmentally conscious? Prone to allergies? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then this bamboo weighted blanket has your name on it!

Weighted Blankets and Seniors - From Rediscovering Restorative Sleep To Potentially Keeping Dementia At Bay

happy elder person after getting good night's sleep
Good sleep is always important, no matter how old you are. If you’re getting on in years and you’ve noticed your sleep is deteriorating, do something about it. Our weighted blanket is perfect for seniors who do not have underlying conditions that are affecting their sleep patterns. It provides a relaxing, calming sensation, triggering various chemical responses that ease anxiety, stress, and can even help people with old age dementia and Alzheimer’s disease sleep better.

Weighted Blankets for Toddlers - Is It The Right Time To Buy The Calming Blanket?

kid using toy and blanket to improve sleep
To be on the safe side, our Calming Blanket for kids is recommended for children over two years of age, even though we generally refer to toddlers as being kids between the ages of one and three. Read more about it here!

Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot for the Summer? They Don’t Have To Be!

Are weighted blanket too hot? Not with our breathable cotton fabric! Image shows the Calming Blanket on a bed.
One of the most common questions we get is whether or not sleeping under a weighted blanket gets too hot, especially during the summer months. Unde...

How To Wash A Weighted Blanket + Tips On Cleaning Your Calming Blanket

weighted blanket on furniture
To make caring for your weighted blanket as simple as possible, we’ve created this super detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about cleaning weighted blankets. We cover a wide variety of different blanket types here, so it’s a good read even if you don’t own our product. Scroll down for specific instructions on how to wash the Calming Blanket (machine and hand-wash covered).

‘My Son Loves His Weighted Blanket’ - An ASD Mum Shares Her Calming Blanket Story

kid covered with weighted blanket sleeping
We had an amazing opportunity to briefly interview Mia, a mother of two, about her Calming Blanket experience and how using a weighted blanket for autism helped her eldest son. Read on to find out why he's sleeping better, and why Mia decided to buy one for herself too!

Choosing The Right Size and Weight For Your Weighted Blanket

Choosing The Right Size and Weight For Your Weighted Blanket
Looking for the ideal weight and size of your weighted blanket? We consulted specialists and experts to find out if you should get a 4.8 kg, 6 kg blanket, or a 9 kg! Read to learn more.

Sensory Processing Disorder - What Is It & How Can a Sensory Blanket Help

kid using weighted blanket for sensory processing disorder
Sensory processing disorder is a complex neurological condition that causes people who have it to misinterpret external stimuli. We’d like to say that it’s rare but, unfortunately, around 1 in 20 children in Australia are currently affected by the sensory disorder (SPD) to some degree. Learn more about it and how weighted blankets can help.