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How a Melbourne Weighted Blanket Can Help You Achieve a Better Level of REM Sleep!

A significant number of people in Melbourne and across Australia have been facing difficulties to get quality sleep. These were the findings of recent research conducted by the Sleep Health Foundation. That is why weighted blankets have been gaining rapid popularity in Melbourne over the past few years. People are discovering how weighted blankets can help them get quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Poor sleep will negatively affect your mental and physical well-being. It can affect your mood and productivity throughout the day. That is why weighted blankets are becoming a necessity in every Melbourne house. Weighted blankets are just like typical blankets, but heavier as the name suggests. Consumers say this added weight creates pressure on the body that helps them sleep better. 

What Is REM Sleep?

First, you need to understand what REM sleep means and why it is essential. A good night sleep goes through different stages and cycles. In the REM sleep phase, your eyes move rapidly while closed. It is when dreaming occurs. 

Studies show that REM sleep plays an essential role in your learning abilities, memory, and mood. The lack of REM sleep has been linked to adverse effects on physical and emotional health. It is also believed to cause migraines.

Weighted blankets can help you achieve a better level of REM sleep every night at your Melbourne home. Here is how:

Calms the Nervous System

The extra weight of these blankets creates a firm, equally distributed pressure on your body. It is similar to what is used in deep pressure therapy or a massage. That is how weighted blankets calm the nervous system of your body. Feeling relaxed will help you sleep better.

Many people in Melbourne describe sleeping under weighted blankets as getting a soothing hug. The gentle pressure of a hug gives the whole body a sense of calmness and security. It makes it easier to fall and stay asleep for longer, during the night. 

Stimulates Relaxation Hormones

The deep pressure of weighted blankets stimulates the release of happy hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. This process helps your body and mind relax and puts you in a good mood. 

Sleeping under your Melbourne weighted blanket will also trigger the oxytocin hormone in your body. Oxytocin helps regulate your sleep cycles. It increases as we sleep and peaks during the deep levels of REM sleep. That is how weighted blankets help you reach the REM sleep stage faster.

At Calming Blankets, we pay extra care to the design of our weighted blankets. We understand their importance for people who are feeling stressed. That is why we focus on making our clients happy and comfortable. All our weighted blankets are made of soft fabrics, have sufficient weight and good weight distribution.

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