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How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

The search for the perfect blanket is an ongoing task. Everybody is looking for that blanket that gives the perfect feeling of comfort and security. That is why weighted blankets have become quite the phenomenon over the past couple of years. More people are discovering how useful and beneficial weighted blankets are.

Weighted blankets use gentle pressure to provide a natural and comfortable sleep solution. They come in various weights to suit different needs. So, how do you choose the right weight for you?

Use Your Own Weight As a Guideline

Finding the perfect weight for your blankets depends on many factors and personal preferences. However, as a general rule, you can start by using your own bodyweight for guidance. Many experts state that weighted blankets should ideally be ten per cent of your total body weight. You should not find it difficult to roll over or move under weighted blankets.

If the weighted blanket feels too heavy or makes you feel trapped, go for a lighter one. Be aware though. Going for much lighter weighted blankets might not give you all the benefits you need. That is why you should try to find the perfect balance between comfort and pressure. After all, weighted blankets should provide gentle, deep pressure on your body. 

Available Weights

Buying weighted blankets that are ten per cent of your body weight is just a general rule of thumb. Selecting the perfect weight depends highly on your personal preferences. Everybody is different. Some people prefer weighted blankets to be a bit heavier, others cannot handle the high pressure. 

At Calming Blankets, we understand that each of our clients has unique requirements. That is why we provide blankets in various weight options.

Other Options

The options we provide at Calming Blankets do not just end with different weights. Our weighted blankets come in different dimensions as well. You can go for the most suitable size based on your height or even your bed. Your weighted blanket should be slightly larger than you if you are looking for full coverage. However, it should not hang over the side of your bed. 

To increase your comfort, your weighted blankets should be made of soft fabrics. You should not also feel too hot or too cold under the weighted blankets. That is why we offer weighted blankets in various soft materials. For a luxurious faux fur feeling, choose our minky weighted blankets. They are perfect for winter and cold nights. The bamboo weighted blankets are eco-friendly. They can be used all year round. 

Thanks to their stretchy design, our hand-woven weighted blankets come in one size that fits all. You can pair them with your quilt in the winter. Our silver ion weighted blankets do not need to be washed frequently. Their silver-infused fabric fights bacteria and has a natural process of ionization.

Get the perfect weighted blankets for you and your family. Visit now!

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