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How Long Until My Body Adapts To My Weighted Blanket

No one can deny that weighted blankets can do wonders in enhancing your sleep quality. That is why they have become extremely popular in Melbourne and all over Australia. Just like any added change to your life, you might need time to adapt to weighted blankets. 

Sleeping under weighted blankets feels like a gentle hug, according to our consumers. However, your body might need some time to adapt to this added weight. So, how long does it take to integrate weighted blankets into your regular lie and sleep routine?

Factors That Affect Adapting to Weighted Blankets

Adapting to change differs from one person to another. It will all come down to the ability and requirements of your body, mind, and personal capabilities. With weighted blankets, most consumers feel the benefits immediately. However, your body and mind can still require a few days to adapt to sleeping under weighted blankets. 

Every person is unique. That is why we cannot answer how long it takes for a person to adapt to weighted blankets. Some people enjoy snuggling up under their blankets, especially in these cold Melbourne nights. Others do not like to cover much during their sleep. 

How Long Does It Take to Adapt to Weighted Blankets?

The first few nights might feel a bit odd to you. Your body is not still used to the gentle, deep pressure of your Melbourne weighted blanket. That is why we recommend trying weighted blankets in different ways in the first week. This way, you will figure out the most comfortable way of covering with weighted blankets. 

To get used to weighted blankets, you can also use them in halves at first. This could mean, covering only your legs in the first couple of days. Then step by step, your body will adjust to the added weight. Gradually, you will develop healthier sleeping habits at your Melbourne home. 

How to Adapt Faster to Weighted Blankets?

To enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets, they should represent only eight to twelve per cent of your body weight. Choosing a specific weight depends on your personal preferences. You would want the weighted blanket to put light pressure on your body. More than that, will not be too useful as it will be too heavy. It will definitely restrict your movement. 

Try to choose Melbourne weighted blankets that are made of soft fabrics. Otherwise, the weighted blankets will feel uncomfortable. The weight of the blanket should also be evenly distributed. If the weighted blankets make you feel hot, you can sleep with lighter clothing. 

At Calming Blankets, we offer weighted blankets in Melbourne and across Australia. Our blankets come in various weights to suit all needs. They are also made from ultra-soft, durable fabrics to maximize your comfort. All the weighted blankets we produce are made with non-toxic beads that are evenly distributed over your body.

Get the best-weighted blankets in Melbourne. Contact us now!

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