‘My Son Loves His Weighted Blanket’ - An ASD Mum Shares Her Calming Blanket Story

Welcome to a new series of posts on our blog - Calming Confessions!

In Calming Confessions, we interview you - the best customers in the world - and share your Calming Blanket stories with the world. Although there’s a lot of scientific evidence confirming the efficacy of weighted blankets and deep pressure therapy, we all still like to hear from real, flesh and blood people who have actually used them and seen positive results.

And, since we get so many wonderful messages and reviews on a daily basis, we decided to reach out and ask a few more questions that might help others who are looking to buy a heavy blanket for themselves or their loved ones.

child sleeping covered with a weighted blanket 

My Son Loves His Autism Weighted Blanket

We had an amazing opportunity to briefly interview Mia, a mother of two, about her Calming Blanket experience and how using a weighted blanket for autism helped her eldest son.

Lindsay: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Mia, and for your wonderful review of the Calming Blanket. Can you share a bit more about yourself and what prompted you to buy our weighted blanket?

Mia: I am a stay-at-home married mum living in Sydney, Australia, and bringing up two wonderful kids, a dashing scamp (9) and a little princess (4). I’ve got my hands full with them - like every parent out there - but our situation is a bit more complicated. My son is on the autism spectrum, which is the reason why I bought our first Calming Blanket. I’ve heard of autism weighted blankets before and was waiting for an opportunity to get a quality item that was reasonably priced.

After doing some online research, I stumbled onto your website and Facebook page. There were dozens of great, personal stories there from satisfied parents and grandparents who’ve bought a weighted blanket for an autistic child. Their positive experiences are what made me pull the trigger and order. Of course, the $80 discount on your weighted blanket didn’t hurt. After digging a bit more, I was convinced that I was getting good value for my money. Right now, after seeing the results, I actually feel that it was a bargain.

Lindsay: That’s great to hear! You mention that you bought the blanket for your eldest son who is on the autism spectrum. Personally we’ve seen great results with weighted blankets for autistic children. For the readers at home that are in the same situation, what are some key things or techniques that help you get through a typical day?

Mia: We all know that every child is different. You need to arm yourself with patience and learn as much as you can about how to care for them, empathise, and communicate appropriately.

My son responds well to an organised day and established routines - the fewer deviations from our normal schedule, the better. So, we have our morning routine, our playtime routine, our evening routine. Fitting in a weighted blanket was a bit tricky at first, but he warmed up to it eventually. Now, I can’t get him to go to bed without it!

Lindsay: So it took a while for him to start using the Calming Blanket as a self-soothing too?

Mia: Yes, which is not at all that unusual for him. As I said, he likes routine so we tend to break in new things slowly. In fact, after he refused to give his kid-size blanket a try, I started using it myself. I don’t have any sleep issues (or, at least, I didn’t think I have them), but using the Calming Blanket showed me that I could be getting a lot more from my sleep time. The blanket is extremely comfortable and relaxing, and I find that my sleep is more restful with it.

Of course, as soon as I’ve gotten used to using it, my son wanted to give it a try (laughter). He is also a good sleeper, for the most part, but he did say that he feels less anxious and restless when covering with the Calming Blanket. I’ve also noticed that he doesn’t fidget as much in his sleep anymore.

I have to say that we’ve gotten the most use out of the blanket during the day. There are days when my son can’t settle down for his afternoon nap (which he both wants and needs), and this weighted blanket has solved that problem for us. Lately, he tucks himself in alone, pulls on the Calming Blanket, and falls asleep in a flash. He actually told me that the blanket feels both comfortable and comforting to him!

Lindsay: What does your bedtime (naptime) routine look like now in comparison to before?

Mia: Well, not much has really changed with the routine itself. We still go through the motions. However, there’s no talk about going to sleep until my son sees for himself that his weighted blanket is unfolded and waiting on his bed. My daughter has a mischievous streak and will often take the blanket to her bed (she loves how soft it is), so now we check on its whereabouts even before we head to the bathroom to brush our teeth.

Basically, after finding a way to interest my son into the Calming Blanket, it became an integral part of his everyday routine. That’s quite an accomplishment since he even refuses to wear a lot of his new clothes because they ‘feel funny’.

Lindsay: Thanks for sharing your story with our readers, Mia. We’re thrilled that the Calming Blanket is making a difference for your son. Any parting words?

Mia: Well, I’d like to thank you on my son’s behalf, and my own. I wasn’t a big believer in weighted blankets and their benefits for autistic children before, but I sure am now.

This is not me trying to be nice.

After sleeping with my son’s blanket for a few nights, I got to feel the benefits on my own skin so I ordered one for adults. It took just two days to arrive (great delivery!), but for those two nights, I was definitely sleeping worse. When it finally arrived, I was so excited that I curled up under it on the couch immediately. Best nap ever!

Kid's hands resting on a weighted blanket.

Thank you, Mia, for sharing your heartwarming story with us. We couldn’t be happier that your son now cherishes his blanket. Also, good on you for getting one for yourself - we all deserve to rediscover what truly restorative sleep feels like!

If you’d like to share your own experiences with weighted blankets with us (related to autism, stress, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, or anything else), drop us an email or send a message via Facebook - Calming Blankets.