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What To Look For When Comparing Weighted Blankets

 Over the past couple of years, the sales of weighted blankets have skyrocketed. With the rapid increase in weighted blanket demand, the supply has also expanded. Nowadays, weighted blankets come in a wide variety of options.

Buying a high-quality weighted blanket is a health investment. That is why it is essential to choose your weighted blanket wisely. In general, a weighted blanket should be about 10 per cent of your body weight. Choosing the appropriate weight is critical. However, it is not the only important aspect of weighted blankets.

Here is what you need to look for when purchasing a weighted blanket:


To make weighted blankets heavier than regular covers, different types of fillings are used. Most weighted blanket manufacturers use plastic poly pellets. They are non-toxic and cheaper than other filling materials such as micro glass beads.

Plastic poly pellets are also bigger than micro glass beads. They will make your weighted blanket bulkier. That is why many people prefer micro-glass- beads-filled weighted blankets. Micro glass beads are a quality weighted blanket filler option. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and machine washable. Glass-beads-filled-weighted blankets are also thinner. Its weight will be more evenly distributed.


The fabric of the weighted blanket will also play a critical role in how comfortable it feels. Weighted blankets can be made from various fabrics. Minky or fleece weighted blankets are more suitable for people who like a warm and cosy cover in the winter.

If you are a hot sleeper, it is recommended to get a weighted blanket with a more breathable fabric. A cotton or bamboo weighted blanket will be a great option for you. It is also a suitable option for women experiencing hormonal changes like menopause.


Even if you are extremely careful, your weighted blanket will eventually need to be washed. That is why it is practical to look for a weighted blanket made of washable materials. Because they are so heavy, weighted blankets can be hard to wash regularly. Therefore, you need to buy a weighted blanket with a removable, easy wash cover. Some manufacturers sell weighted blanket covers separately.


At Calming Blankets, all our weighted blankets are made with unique, non-toxic glass beads. The weight is evenly distributed over your body for maximum comfort. We offer weighted blankets in various fabrics. From ultra-soft minky fabric, environmentally friendly bamboo, breathable cotton/polyester blend and silver ion, choose what makes you comfortable.

Our weighted blankets are extremely easy to care for. All our outer weighted blanket covers are completely machine washable. We also offer a range of spare covers for separate purchase. To suit all preferences, our weighted blankets come in various weights. You can choose a weighted blanket from 2.2kg (5lbs) up to 9kg (20lbs).


Get a quality weighted blanket that will meet all your comfort requirements. Visit our website today!

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