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Why More Australians Should Invest In a Weighted Blanket!

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, more than half of the adults in Australia suffer from at least one chronic sleep symptom. All the stress and sleepless nights will not just leave you feeling more tired. It will also affect your ability to live a healthy and happy life. This is why so many Australians are purchasing weighted blankets as a necessity, rather than a luxury. 

As the name suggests, a weighted blanket is filled with glass or plastic beads to become heavier. This physical pressure on your body provides a calming feeling. It is the same concept of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) therapy. That is why weighted blankets are often used by occupational therapists to help alleviate autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Here are why more people in Australia should start using a weighted blanket in their daily lives:

Improve Sleep

Getting a weighted blanket could mean finally getting the good night sleep you are longing for. With all the stress most of us in Australia are going through, relaxing is not easy. That is why most of us end up tossing and turning in bed all night. 


If falling asleep has become a challenge for you, using a weighted blanket can help you out. The deep touch pressure of your weighted blanket will help you fall asleep faster. You will not also wake up as often in the middle of the night. This way, you will feel more rested in the morning. 

Feel More Comfortable

The heaviness of your weighted blanket does not mean you will feel less comfortable. On the contrary, it will put gentle pressure on your body to reduce your anxiety. Just like massage therapy, your weighted blanket will ease any chronic pain conditions. The pressure of your weighted blanket will also help with your back pain. 

Weighted blankets in Australia come in various sizes, materials, and weights. To maximize your comfort level, make sure to choose the specifications that best suit your needs. The weighted blanket should be around eight to twelve per cent of your body weight. Choose the weight you are most comfortable with.  

Enhance Mental Well-Being

Many people describe the feeling of a weighted blanket as getting a warm hug. This sensation helps release many happy hormones and chemicals in your body. Combined with a night of good night sleep, you will wake up feeling content in the morning. 


At Calming Blankets, we provide the most relaxing, high-quality weighted blankets in Australia. Our bad and frustrating experiences with poorly manufactured weighted blankets were the drive behind our business. To create the best-weighted blanket in Australia, we have concentrated our efforts on meeting these three main factors all clients are looking for. That is why all our weighted blankets are made of soft fabrics, have sufficient weight and even weight distribution. 

Rediscover how good night sleep feels. Order your weighted blanket now!

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