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Will Weighted Blankets Keep You Warm?

Just like a regular cover, your weighted blanket will keep you warm. However, can this extra weight make you too hot? Will you need an extra cover with your weighted blanket?

Many people want to enjoy all the benefits of a weighted blanket. However, they are worried that the weighted blanket can make them feel too hot or too cold. With the increase in the popularity of weighted blankets, the supply has also expanded. Today, you will find weighted blankets with various fabrics, fillers, sizes and weights. All these factors can affect how a weighted blanket makes you feel.

Are Weighted Blankets Warm?

Just because it is heavier, this does not necessarily mean a weighted blanket will make you feel overheated. The fabric and filler materials of the weighted blanket will play a major role in how hot it will be. Some weighted blankets can be used alone on cold winter nights. Others are light enough to be suitable for hot summer days.

The fillers are what make a weighted blanket heavier than regular covers. In the market, you will find weighted blankets with various filler materials. Most weighted blanket manufacturers use either plastic or glass beads. Plastic beads make the weighted blanket bulkier. As a material, plastic is also a bad conductor of heat. It will retain most of your body heat and can cause you to overheat.

Glass beads, on the other hand, are heavier and smaller in size. With fewer glass beads, the blanket will reach the desired weight. As a result, glass beads weighted blankets are slimmer. This ensures you will stay cool under the weighted blanket.

Fabrics also are a major factor in how warm the weighted blanket will be. Some fabrics, such as cotton, are extremely breathable. They will be perfect for a summer weighted blanket. For more warmth, choose heavier fabrics, such as faux fur.


At Calming Blankets, all our weighted blankets are made from premium fabrics. Our minky, the faux-fur weighted blanket provides the perfect warmth for winter. It is also super soft. A lighter option to consider is the weighted bamboo blanket. This environmentally friendly fabric is designed to regulate temperature. It can be used all year round.

Thanks to its stretchy design, our hand-woven weighted blanket comes in one size that fits all. It is made of a unique, soft cotton/polyester blend. This ideal mix is great for the summer. You can also pair this weighted blanket with a quilt and use it in the winter. Made from silver-infused fabric, our silver ion weighted blanket does not require frequent washing. This fabric fights bacteria. It has a natural process of ionization.


For perfect weight distribution, all our weighted blankets are filled with non-toxic glass beads. It makes them less bulky and more breathable. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of your weighted blanket without getting overheated.

Get a weighted blanket that will suit your warmth preferences. Contact us now!

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