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How Is Your Sleep Hygiene?

5 Quick Tips To Make It Better

Sleep is truly one of the world’s most effective ‘magic pills’ for your health.

When you’re able to consistently give yourself restful sleep, you’ll see eye-opening changes to your life that may even surprise you.

Some of the benefits of good sleep include better mood, improved focus, less anxiety, a sharper memory, more physical strength and stamina, and overall higher levels of happiness.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know that good sleep relies on good habits that prep your mind and body for a deep slumber that gives you these benefits.

Most people have inconsistent sleep times, bombard their minds with extra stimulation before bed, pack their eyes with blue light, and watch something that actually keeps their hearts and mind into ‘alert mode’, which makes falling asleep difficult.

Today, we want to change that for you.

We’re sharing with you five quick tips for you to fall asleep faster, better, and finally experience the rest you deserve. Let’s get started!

#1 No Electronics 1 Hour Prior To Sleep
Give your mind a much-needed wind-down time before sleeping. Electronics are filled with blue light that keeps your eyes from relaxing and your mind from calming down. Read a book, stretch, and meditate during this time to sleep peacefully.

#2 Take A Warm Shower
A warm shower eases your muscles and puts your body temperature at the right number. This helps your body relax for sleep and also makes your bed and blanket feel 10x more comfortable.

#3 Go To Sleep & Wake Up At The Same Time
Your circadian rhythm is important. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the time you sleep and wake up. When you make it a habit to follow these times, your body will literally start to feel tired on its own and optimize the hours you have in your slumber.

#4 Stretch!
Another awesome way to relax your body even more for sleep is to have a quality stretching routine. Go through your entire body. You’ll feel some tension release and your blood flow through you, giving you a wave of relaxation that may put you to sleep the moment your head hits the pillow.

#5 Use A Quality Blanket
Comfort is key. There’s a reason why humans have been using blankets forever. They help us relax and give us the best sleep imaginable. But of course, it depends on the blanket. To see which blankets we believe are best for you to sleep with, see our best sellers below!


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