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How To Put Your Kids To Sleep

Sleep is crucial for everyone, but for kids, it’s especially important! 

They’re growing. Everything about them is still developing and they need proper sleep to stay healthy…

And of course, if they sleep, you sleep, too!

Yet, we know it isn’t easy - especially for toddlers. But, that’s why our team wants to help you out. 

Today, we want to share with you four things you should do at night to ensure your little bundle of joy snoozes fast. 

After reading this, you’ll have the ideal routine to help your child sleep longer, deeper, and a million times more peacefully. Let’s dive in!

#1 Have A Full Nighttime Routine

Just like adults, kids need a routine to fall asleep. Try activities like a relaxing bath, putting on pyjamas, brushing their teeth, a little storytime, and a good night kiss. You’ll be surprised by how fast they fall asleep once they get into the routine. 

#2 Turn Off The Electronics

Whether you’re putting your 1-month old or 10-year old to sleep, ensure the electronics are off and stowed away. The blue light that emits from electronics actually tricks their minds to think it’s still day time, so falling asleep is 10x more difficult. Ease their minds to sleep by turning screens off at least 30 minutes before bed!

#3 Avoid Meals Before Bed

Well, this is a classic! Didn’t your parents tell you not to eat before sleeping? Keep this going! A little snack is okay, but try not to feed them anything too filling! Their bodies will be actively digesting and not calming themselves for a good night’s rest. 

#4 Create The Ideal Sleeping Environment

Your child’s room and bed should promote sleep. Keep it dark, quiet, and cool. A little night light may help them feel safer, so that’s not bad. However, you should definitely make sure their beds are super comfortable - without that comfort, you can expect grumpy kids and a hard night for YOU.

Which is why a comfortable blanket or calming toy would be ideal…

Studies show that children tend to fall asleep faster and wake up happier with the help of a cosy bed and a stuffed animal. 

This is why our children’s blanket and weighted toy koala are perfect for anyone who wants to give their kids high-quality sleep. 

Imagine the joy of knowing your kids are sleeping like babies with a cute little best friend beside them. (...perhaps they’ll even keep it for years!)

What’s not to love about that image?

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