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I created Calming Blanket after realising just how effective it is at helping people with sensory disorders. To find a natural cure for something so widely frustrating truly seemed like an amazing opportunity to help people. My goal is simple: bring joy and peace of mind to as many people possible!

Are refunds possible?

✔︎ Yes, we have a 30-day refund policy. Simply post it back to our Adelaide warehouse and, after inspection, we will refund your payment. The blanket must be in brand new condition and come with the original packaging. You will be expected to post the blanket back to 80 Grove Ave, Marleston, 5033.

Please note: some people have an immediate and positive response to weighted blankets, while others take time to get used to it. We suggest having faith in the widely used process of proprioceptive input - simply look at our reviews to see the success rates!

Is your blanket machine washable?

✔︎ Yes, Calming Blanket is machine washable. We recommend separating the inner and the outer blanket and washing them separately on a gentle cycle. Although our blankets are safe to tumble dry, we advise not to do that too frequently because it could cause the integrity of the fabrics to deteriorate. Please refer to our exhaustive guide on washing weighted blankets for more details.

What weight blanket should I buy?

✔︎ We recommend aiming for around 10% of your body weight, but this does not need to be exact! We have seen effective results from people using 5 - 15% of their weight. If you are 40kg's you will still benefit from the 6.8kg blanket. If you are over 90kg's, the 9kg blanket will be perfect! This rule of thumb is designed to ensure you can actually lift and use the blanket. If the person using it weighs over 70kg's and struggles with lifting heavy objects, please consider the 6.8kg blanket.

What size is your blanket?

✔︎ Our adult weighted blanket is 198cm x 122cm. It is the perfect size to use while in bed, while also being large enough to cover 2 people while watching T.V. (and cuddling!). Blankets for children (which can also be used as lap covers) are 91cm x 121cm and weigh 2.2 kg.

Why is my blanket not evenly distributed?

✔︎ Our blankets are known for their soothing, evenly distributed weight. If you find your blanket is bunching, it’s probably due to 1 of the 6 inner ties coming untied. The inner part of the blanket should be attached to the outer part via 6 ties - one on each corner and one each on the longer side of the blanket. If some clumping is occurring, lay the blanket out flat and then re-tie the ties tightly.

How long until I receive my blanket?

✔︎ We currently have free shipping across Australia. You can expect your blanket within 2-8 business days after placing your order.

✔︎ We also offer $39 express shipping to New Zealand. You can expect your blanket within 2-5 business days after placing your order.

Is this product suitable for children?

✔︎ Yes, but ensure that your child can remove the blanket easily by themselves before they start using it - this is essential for safety reasons. We do not recommend our adult blanket for children under 2 years of age. We recommend our 2.2kg kids blanket for children under 30kg. We DO NOT recommend any of our blankets for infants.

What is your contact information?

✔︎ The best way to contact us is via Facebook messenger or email at help@calmingblankets.com.au. Please note our customer service team works Monday to Friday. Our business address is 80 Grove Ave, Marleston, 5033.

SAFETY - Please do not use your blanket near an open flame. Our blankets are not suitable for children under 2 years old. If any part of the blanket rips or begins leaking, please dispose of the blanket immediately. Do not consume the beads. We recommend parent supervision when a child is using our blanket

A young woman lying on the couch and looking through a window. She is covered with our granite-coloured weighted blanket.