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Why Do We Feel So Good?!!

We know what it’s like to have an uncomfortable blanket.

Trust us, we disliked them so much they’re exactly why we created our weighted blankets.

Yet, thanks to those bad blankets, we were able to create the perfect formula for the most comfortable blanket. In that case, we’re actually really grateful!

We focus on 3 main requirements that we believe are must-haves for a quality weighted blanket: Soft fabric, good weight distribution, and the perfect weight.

#1 Even Weight Distribution
Most blankets have uneven weight distribution. Some parts of it are cold, some are warm, some hug you and other parts don’t! It’s frustrating. With our blankets, you won’t deal with this problem ever again.

#2 Soft Fabric
Of course! Comfort is key, here. Our fabric is non-abrasive and as soft as a feather since it’s made from Ultra-Soft Minky fabric, one of the softest and most trusted materials on the planet!

#3 It’s The Ideal Weight
Our blankets are designed to be 8-12% of your body weight. You have options that’ll suit your preference so you’re happy with every inch of your blanket as it hugs you all night long!

Ready to experience these reasons for your self?


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