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All Seasons Bundle

All Seasons Bundle

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Get the benefits of a weighted blanket all year round with this Black Friday Deal. The All Seasons Bundle contains our 2 best selling blankets. Snuggle up in winter or summer with our Granite Calming Blanket and Maldives Bamboo Blanket (+ Pillowcase). Both adult single size - perfect for the sofa or bedroom.

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Our Weighted Blankets can help with sleep and stress. They are also incredibly comfortable, soft and warm!

✔️A Calming Weighted Blanket that delivers proprioceptive input that can reduce the effects of stress.

✔️ Ultra-soft fabric with 12-tie system that ensures that the weighted blanket stays evenly distributed across your entire body.

✔️ Australia-wide free shipping (arrives in 2 - 8 business days).

✔️Machine-washable, vegan-friendly fur cover.

When purchasing your weighted blanket, aim for approximately 10% of your body weight.

Users Weight Weighted Blanket
25kg to 55kg 4.5kg Blanket
55kg to 80kg 6.8kg Blanket
80kg + 9.0kg Blanket
Please consider the user when picking your weight. If the user struggles with heavy objects, consider a lighter blanket. Our kids blankets are designed for small children only.

weighted blanket size guide

We believe weighted blankets should be used 1 per person as partners can disturb your weight distribution. If your partner wishes to also use a weighted blanket, purchase 2 adult blankets (this is common practice with quilts in many countries). 

Safety: Weighted blankets are not suitable for children under 2 years old. Consider consulting your GP if using alongside serious medical conditions. Ensure user can safely lift blanket. Please do not use the blanket near the open flames. If it rips or starts leaking, dispose of it immediately. Do not ingest the beads.