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Delta Sleep Mattress

Your Perfect Night’s Sleep — Guaranteed

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120-Nights Free Trial

10-Year Comfort Guarantee

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  • Adaptive technology for a cool sleep in summer and warmth in winter
  • Maximum comfort for a deeper sleep
  • Supports joints to soothe aches
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Aussie owned and operated
  • Donates to charity & environmentally sound

Many Benefits in a Single Mattress

Maximum Comfort

Built with Adaptive Comfort Technology™ our mattress gives you superior levels of comfort 8 in 10 Australians say they prefer. Meaning you’ll enjoy deeper, more restful sleep.

Zero Partner Disturbance

Adaptive foam absorbs movement so no matter how much your partner moves in their sleep, you won’t be disturbed.


Safe and environmentally conscious antimicrobial treatments, combined with breathable technology, ensure you sleep in a hygienic and low-allergen environment.

Cooler Mattress For A Deeper Sleep

Intellicool Technology™ adapts to the Aussie climate thanks to its unique and breathable cell structure. Keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold creating an optimal sleeping environment.


Just the right level of firmness and comfort to support your spine, hips, shoulder and neck. Enjoy a soothing painless sleep (whether you sleep on your back or side). Zero sagging — guaranteed for 10 years.

Australian Made

Experience the luxury and quality of an Australian made mattress — using responsibly sourced materials. Support Aussie business and give back. We donate your old mattress to charity or recycle them.

The Science Inside Australia's
Comfiest Mattress

120 Night Risk-Free Trial

GECA Certified

Recyclable and Sustainable

Australian Based Customer Care

10-year Warranty

Free & Fast Delivery


Adaptive Comfort Technology™

Our 7cm thick top layer cradles and supports your body’s natural alignment giving you a highly comfortable ‘ache-free’ sleep. This supportive layer means zero partner disturbance while you sleep, no matter how much they move.


Intellicool Technology™

Revolutionary Australian made technology allows greater breathability and superior airflow through its unique cell structure. This dissipates excess body heat when it’s hot, providing a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

Yet when it’s cold, the smart cell structure acts as insulation, keeping you toasty warm (without overheating).


Maximum comfort supportive core

Experience the comfort and support you need for undisturbed deep sleep. Plus you’ll enjoy support where your body needs it most, with no sagging — guaranteed for 10 years.


Breathable Tencel® cover

Made from environmentally responsible and sustainably sourced materials. Your stretch knit Tencel® is super soft, moisture-wicking and highly breathable.

You’re protected by the covers antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties — for a refreshing, clean sleep.

Australia's comfiest mattress

We built The Delta Sleep Mattress based on Australians preferred firmness for maximum comfort.

We also looked at our competitor’s common downfalls such as sagging (the cause of spine, neck and hip pain) and engineered our mattress to be 100% sag-free. We’re confident we have the cosiest mattress on the market which is why you can try your mattress risk-free for 120-days. Don’t love it? We’ll refund every cent you paid and collect the mattress — no hidden fees, catches or shipping costs.

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120-night trial or money back

10-year comfort guarantee

Free delivery to doorstep

People Are In Love With Our Mattress

I’m getting the best sleep of my life. I have always struggled with back pain but now I’m finally waking up pain free!

Maddison C

The perfect temperature

Studies show sleeping in a hot environment makes it harder to drift off and reduces the amount of restful deep sleep you achieve.

Most mattresses can’t handle brutally hot Aussie summers. Our Intellicool technology™ keeps you cool in summer and gives you the perfect amount of warmth in winter — for a blissful nights sleep.

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Optimal support and comfort

63% of people experience back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain due to their mattress. Adaptive Comfort Technology™ cradles your body, giving joints the perfect amount of support they need. Wake up feeling refreshed — free from aches.

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Adaptive Cool Technology™

Joint Support

Wake-Up Energised

3 Steps to a Restful Sleep



Select your size and order your new cosy mattress in just a few clicks.



Get fast and free delivery — in as little as one day in selected areas.


Best Sleep

Unwrap and watch in awe as your flat Delta Sleep mattress expands to its full size.

If you dont like the mattress, we have 120 free trial night guarantee for you!

Delta Sleep Vs Competitors


Delta sleep


Cooling technology for optimal sleeping temperature

Supports and soothes achy joints

Adapts to body shape for deep restful sleep

Quick, easy, fast delivery

120-day risk-free trial (no catch)

10-year anti-sag, quality and comfort guarantee

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and ethically made (GECA certified)

Aussie owned, manufactured, and operated

World-class customer care

The Mattress You Can Feel Good About…
With A Double Guarantee

10-Year Guarantee

Ultimate Protection with our unconditional 10-year guarantee. Protects you from sagging and other defects (common issues with our competitors).

No hoops to jump through, hidden charges, or hassle. Access our award-winning Australian based customer care team, no matter when you last shopped with us

120-night trial

Sleep test your new mattress for 120 sleeps to ensure it’s perfect for you.

Want to return your mattress? We’ll collect it from you — with no shipping costs or additional fees. Full refunds once the mattress is returned


GECA Certified. Every step from raw materials to delivery is environmentally, ethically and sustainably conscious.

Made in Australia from Australian sourced sustainable materials (reducing carbon emissions). No solvents or harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process.


If you choose to return your mattress, we will collect it and donate it to one of our charity partners, ensuring nothing is going to waste and helping our community in the process.


How does delivery work?

Shipping is 100% free. All our mattresses are dispatched within 24-48 hours, and using our courier partners, you will receive yours in a speedy manner.

How does it arrive?

Your mattress is will arrive compressed in a large but easy to move box weighing between 21kg and 34kg — depending on the size you choose.

How do I set my new mattress up?

Once you’ve opened the box, carefully remove the plastic sleeve, careful not to cut into the mattress.

Watch as it expands in front of you to full size. Your mattress will be fully formed in 5 minutes and ready to sleep on in 2 hours.

Is the mattress environmentally friendly?

Yes. We make the mattress using sustainable material. We’re also GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified — meaning every step of our process is environmentally, ethically and sustainably conscious.

Tell me more about your guarantee

Your mattress is protected by our zero-hassle 10-year guarantee.
You’re protected from sagging and any other defect — so you’ll have complete peace of mind when you go to sleep each night.

We believe in good old fashioned customer service. Our Aussie based customer care team is here to help you with any questions or issues, regardless of how long ago you purchased your mattress.

What if I don’t like the mattress?

We’d be very surprised if you didn’t think our mattress was the most comfortable you’ve ever felt.
However, we understand everyone is unique and has different needs.

That’s why you can try your mattress for 120 nights risk-free. If you don’t like it, let us know and we’ll collect it from your house — no hassle or hidden costs.

Do you offer Zip Pay or AfterPay?

Yes, we do.

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