Spring Bundle

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Are you dreading going to bed at night? Afraid of tossing and turning until the wee hours of the morning and getting up exhausted. We don’t blame you. Poor sleep can result in reduced mental clarity, productivity issues, and poor health.

✔︎ This product is Cruelty-Free.

That’s why we have decided to package our top-selling sleep accessories into an affordable bundle that gives you the best chance of getting the rest that you deserve. Buy today and get all the ammo that you need to naturally fight sleeplessness and stress, and achieve calm naturally.

The Calming Blanket’s Sleep Combo includes:

• An Adult Weighted Blanket - our Calming Blanket is an effective tool for increasing proprioceptive input. This results in falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer, while waking up more rested and energised.

• A Cotton Cover - Soft, breathable and gentle on the skin - our light cotton cover is perfect for those warmer nights.


Users Weight Weighted Blanket
Less Than 25kg 2.2kg Kids Blanket
25kg to 50kg 4.5kg Blanket
50kg to 95kg 6.8kg Blanket
95kg + 9.0kg Blanket

Our Adult Blanket is 198cm x 121cm. We believe weighted blankets should be used 1 per person as partners can disturb your weight distribution. If your partner wishes to also use a weighted blanket, purchase 2 adult blankets (this is common practice with quilts in many countries). Please note that the advertised weight of our blankets refers to the inner blanket only. The outer mink plush cover adds 1.4kg to the total weight of our Adult Weighted Blanket. The above table has considered this.