Calming Koala (Shipped 15th May)
Calming Koala (Shipped 15th May)
Calming Koala (Shipped 15th May)

Calming Koala (Shipped 15th May)

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Due to overwhelming popularity, Kevin is now sold out. Pre-order him today and he will be shipping on the 15th of May.

Hi there! I’m Kevin - Kevin The Calming Koala. I bet you think you know me, right? That’s because you can see a bunch of my cousins lazily munching on eucalyptus leaves on T.V. Well, not me! I’m a koala with a purpose, which is why I decided to pursue a meaningful career as a weighted toy for kids! 

"Kevin doesn’t like to blow on his own horn but, as a weighted toy, he’s a perfect companion for kids with sensory issues, autism, or ADHD. His additional weight and size provides proprioceptive input that helps soothe an overactive brain and promotes calmness. He works similarly to our weighted blankets but is smaller and more portable - a perfect self-regulating aid that your kid can always have with them on the go!"

Now, I know you wouldn’t let just anybody play with your toddler. That’s fine - not everyone has it in themselves to be a sensory toy. It’s a really special gift that only us that are a bit on the chunky side are blessed with. That’s why I’d like to tell you a bit more about myself.

My Stunning Fur Coat - my exterior is soft and comfy - it’s made from polyester PV fleece (which you probably know as plush). It’s a material that’s all the rage now, especially for products that kids play or cover with. That’s because it’s not an allergen and it doesn’t pill. That’s right - no lint balls from this koala bear! Also, this means that my colour will not fade that easily. Did I mention that I’m super soft and cosy? That’s something that’s worth mentioning twice!

My Belly Full of Jelly - well, not jelly, not really. My belly is full of glass micro-beads, which make me 1.2kg but still slim-looking, as every weighted toy should be. Don’t worry - my stitching is superb and I won’t rip, even if your kid pulls on my ear really hard (ouch!). Still, to be on the safe side, the beads are nestled securely in a sewn-in pouch that doesn’t tear easily. I am also rather tall at 33cm high meaning which I am sure your little one will appreciate!

My Winning Personality - I’m of the silly grinning koala variety. While I don’t have any distinctive features (other than my floppy ears), I walk around with a huge smile that your child will love to imitate. Well, that’s the hope, anyway! Also, my beige/grey fur coat is not distracting and it will not clash with any clothes that your kid decides they are in the mood for that morning.

My Contagious Inner Calm - because I’m (just slightly) heavier, children love having me around. They enjoy holding my hand when they are feeling blue because my familiar weight is comforting. I’m a master of Zen - there’s not much to do in the bush besides meditating and eating eucalyptus - and will envelop your kid in a shroud of calmness, be that at home or at the school.

Safety: not suitable for children under 2 years old due to risk of SIDS. I have really short legs and hate walking around, but the guys from the Calming Blanket assure me that they will ship me out to your address for FREE (anywhere in Australia). You can also use AfterPay and pay for me in four interest-free installments!

Sensory Weighted Toys For Children

When I was growing up, I was a peculiar little koala. Always fidgeting, nervous, and really sensitive - the slightest little thing could set me off and trigger a tantrum. Does your little one have the same issue?

They are smart, talented, engaging, and caring, but can sometimes cause mayhem? Especially if you’re not around to calm them down, like at a friend’s house or in school? Sigh - this happens often and it doesn’t mean that they have a diagnosable condition. It just means that they need a security net, something that they can fall back on when they feel out of sorts or overwhelmed. Like we all do.

My weight of 1.2 kg can be that security net. After spending some time with me, my soft fur and bulkiness will become familiar features to your child, and I will be THE weighted toy they turn to when they need reassurance. I’m especially useful for kids with sensory processing, autism, and hyperactivity disorders as I boost their ability self-regulate.

I really do shine in many different situations so there’s no doubt that your child and I will become inseparable friends from day one. Here are just some of the scenarios that prove that I’m the sensory toy you’ve been looking for your entire life!

At night, in bed - your kid is not be able to fall asleep without squeezing something? Or, they love when you hold that hand on their chest or near their head? In time, they will get used to me as a substitute and you will be free to go to bed as soon as they doze off - instead of sitting there on the side of their bed because they’ve trapped your arm when they rolled over!

In the morning, at the breakfast table - some children are so in love in their blanket (especially weighted blankets like this one) that they drag it around with them when they get up. Well, now that Kevin The Calming Koala is here, you will be seeing less and less of that. I’m as soft as their favourite blanket but am also much more portable!

During the day, at school - I’ll also be your child’s familiar face when they start feeling “funny” at school and need to unwind. My ability to calm their overstimulated brain is unparalleled and I’ll be happy to work my magic whenever needed!

What are you waiting for? Order me today and get a special discount (plus free Australia-wide shipping, let’s not forget that). And, don’t worry if you’re ordering me for yourself -I love adults that have a spark of childhood still burning inside them.

We can sleep together, cuddle, and have long talks about your stressful job. Just kidding - as a weighted toy, I’m really great for cuddles but horrible at giving advice. Naps and eucalyptus eating? I’m definitely your koala!

Cleaning Tips - I love water, but only when it’s lukewarm. Don’t put me in a washing machine... I’m a koala. Instead, hand-wash me only please, and only occasionally. I take my baths in very mild detergents only but, please, let’s skip the fabric softener every single time - it makes me all sticky!

Safety Tips - If there’s one thing that I don’t like, it’s fire. I’d rather be freezing than near an open flame, so please keep that in mind. I won’t rip and have an extremely safe/strong stomach but if I do, please give me a heartfelt pat on the head and dispose of me safely. Never ingest the glass beads that are in my tummy.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Kevin The Calming Koala